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OrthoEssentials is now a Smile Stream Solutions Company
OrthoEssentials is now a Smile Stream Solutions Company

EverSmile® White Foam - 50ml


Packaging: 50ml bottle

When aligners and clear retainers aren't cleaned properly, they can become breeding grounds for bacteria. To avoid the bad breath and poor hygiene that come from unclean aligners and retainers, use WhiteFoam. Our retainer cleaner deep cleans your aligners or clear retainers, giving you a fresh feeling in your mouth and helping you feel more confident and happy with your smile. 

WhiteFoam is easy and fast to use. You no longer have to worry about spending time and effort cleaning and soaking your aligners and retainers. With our aligner cleaning solution, you can finish within just a few minutes, leaving the cleaner for your aligners on while you go about your regular daily activities. Low effort, excellent results — we deliver them both in WhiteFoam. 

In addition to those benefits, WhiteFoam:

  • Cleans clear aligners and retainers
  • Removes aligner build up and freshens breath
  • Gradually whitens teeth with no tooth sensitivity