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OrthoEssentials is now a Smile Stream Solutions Company
OrthoEssentials is now a Smile Stream Solutions Company

About Us



OrthoEssentials was founded in 2009 and has since established a solid reputation
within the Orthodontic community by adhering to a “One Client At A Time”
philosophy of business relationships and service. Individual attention to your
needs, tailored partnership programs, exceptional service, and even consultative
advice from principal founders with over 50 years of business and clinical practice
experience is what makes OrthoEssentials so much more than just a reseller of


The founders of OrthoEssentials are a husband and wife who each bring their own
perspective to the table. One as a past sales executive with some of the leading
manufacturing distributors in the industry, and the other having been an
accomplished certified orthodontic assistant, treatment coordinator, and office
team leader. Together, their combined experience and best practice approach to
hands on service and support is what sets OrthoEssentials apart from other
supplying companies.


OrthoEssentials has made a concerted effort to offer all the products you could
possibly need from one easy source. From traditional braces, to aligner systems,
to auxiliaries, supplies, equipment, and more. In addition, most all of these
products are Made In America for a level of quality and a local supply chain you
can rely on and feel proud about.



Group Practice OrthoEssentials (GPOE) is our DSO/OSO/Group Practice Partnership Program. OrthoEssentials has worked with some of the largest DSO’s, OSO’s, and Dealers in the industry. Now, those best practices and learnings are being put into a program for all Group Practices to benefit from. Contact Us today on how OrthoEssentials can help support the growth of Your Group.


In 2020, OrthoEssentials was acquired by Smile Stream Solutions. However, that
hasn’t changed the culture of OrthoEsentials one bit. In Fact, it has only served to
enhance it as both Smile Stream Solutions and OrthoEssentials are privately
owned, privately funded companies with the size, structure, and core values we
know you share and appreciate. In a market that has seen an incredible amount
of change, certain things should remain the same – Listening, Responsiveness,
Friendly, Caring and Committed to You Complete Satisfaction.